June 2018

TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME:  So Don’t Procrastinate to Show Appreciation

The title is a lesson that I recently learned, involving my Aunt Barbara. You see, sadly, my Aunt Barbara died a few weeks ago at the age of 80. She happened to be my father’s only sibling and was the last member of his core family that he grew up with. She was the type of person who was a go-getter, especially when seeking helpful information for those she cared about. If the information was out there, she’d do whatever it took to find it for herself or her loved ones.

I’ve been personally blessed by her ‘information-finding’ gift a few times in my life. The most recent one being the story I’d like to tell you about. It involves my chronic issues with my teeth and finding reasonable dental prices to get all the work done. As a kid, I was told I had soft enamels and would have dental problems my entire life. The information came true and I’ve been battling teeth problems throughout my adulthood.

So not too long ago, I found out about a clinic for teeth in Valhalla, New York, called Westchester Medical Center. I made an appointment and my dad decided to go along for the ride. We planned to visit my aunt in Tarrytown, New York, to visit with her, and she could take us the rest of the way. She was more than happy to help us. It was a win/win because we wanted to see her, and she knew the way better than we did.

It was the best decision to ask my Aunt to come along because she learned that I needed lots of dental work and was trying to get it done at a reasonable price.

So, when it turned out that this facility didn’t have what I needed, my Aunt began an ‘information seeking’ mission. Boy, did she come through! A month later, I get an email from her, saying she found two options that I should check out. One was a dental school in Connecticut and the other was a dental clinic in Kingston, New York. I thanked my Aunt Barbara for the information and told her I would keep her informed on what happened.

After a little research, I decided to give the Kingston office a try. I was very impressed with the service and the cost seemed reasonable, although more than I was hoping for. I began the appointments and was surprised to find out that the price got even better! Turns out, I started right before the new pay scale took effect so I’d been put on the old fee scale for my planned work.

Then, I was shocked to learn that the price for dental work was to come down even more! I called twice to confirm the fee change but they told me that, yes, it was true. I wanted to tell my Aunt that she found a great place for me to get my work done, and it was much cheaper than I’d imagined. But I waited for the bill to arrive to verify that this new price was the real deal.

So, here lies the point to my little story! I put off telling my Aunt Barbara the wonderful news about what she’d done for me, only to have her pass away before I could share my sincere gratitude. I procrastinated because I wanted to make sure all the facts were right. If I’d just told her even half of how good it was going, it would have warmed her heart and made her feel appreciated.

The moral of this story is, please, don’t wait to share gratitude for something someone has done that’s made a positive mark on your life. Because, simply, tomorrow may never come!!!