February 2019


This past Sunday I picked my son up from work at 1pm. He had mentioned to me that he wanted to go CVS after work in Millerton.  (Millerton is a town not far from our home.) I decided while I was in church that we would go to Kingston, New York instead. This way we can go to Sam’s Club and get their pizzas that my son and I love so much. I must say we also love to each get a fountain drink and walk around trying some of the free samples!

 Now this is where the idea for this blog came from. We road over to Kingston, arrived at Sam’s Club, and I parked the car. As I was about to get out of the car I remembered that the cost of two fountain drinks is $1.49. With this thought in mind, I reached into my change drawer in the car and started to get two quarters out. As I was doing so, my son looked over and said “Oh I don’t have much change at all. Actually Dad, I only have two cents.” I responded “That’s okay I got the money for the drinks.”

It was at this point, while getting out of the car, my son says, “Well that is more cents (sense) than most people have!” I began to laugh at what he said as we were walking into the store.

While we continued to walk around the store I couldn’t get what my son said off my mind. I actually said to my son, “You sure do have a point.  I think we all lack common sense in one area or another. But some of us do have much more sense than others do.  I think it is a good idea to reflect upon where we fall on the scale of common sense to see where we all could use more of it.”

Therefore the next time you have two cents in your pocket think about how much cents (sense) you really do have. I know I will !!!!