July 2018


Recently, I was very excited to have my daughter, Lauryn, visit me from Florida. She’s 16 years old and got her first job a few months ago. So, she couldn’t visit for the whole summer which she’s always been able to do. Although we were excited for her to be working at her first real job; it came with the dilemma of how does she visit her Dear Old Dad in New York for the summer?

It just so happens, her employer said she could be off for two weeks. On the one hand, we were excited! On the other hand, we thought that two weeks was not enough time. With the glass half-full attitude, we all agreed that two weeks is better than nothing at all.

She flew up to New York for the first time by herself so that was a big accomplishment! The first day she was here, Lauryn and I went to CVS to get graduation cards for three high school graduation parties we’d be attending. On the way to the store, she said she’ll be sad when she goes home. I said I’d be sad as well, along with her brother, Logan, and everyone else. At that point, she said something that I told my kids when they were at the end of their visits with me, “You have to leave first, so you can come back.”

It made me feel great that she remembered what I’d said all those years ago! Of course, it would be great if my kids never had to leave at all! Sadly, they do. So this phrase helped them see that leaving had to happen in order to be able to arrive again. Little did they know, I told myself the same thing. It was one of the ways I helped myself to get through it as well.

I bring this up because we may not think our kids are listening to us, but oftentimes, they are. So please, keep loving and talking to your kids. It does pay off!