July 2019


What I call issues you can call problems if you like.  I just like issues instead for myself. I used to call them all problems, but have since learned there often are silver linings in the issues I or someone else may face in life.  Now knowing this and more, I am able to step back and look at the issues that arise.  Sometimes you can notice these silver linings and sometimes it could take a while to figure them out.

For instance, how many times have we gotten upset that something has broken on our car only to find out there was a bigger problem lurking that we didn’t know about.  For example, you get a flat tire which is an issue, but when getting it fixed you find out that your ball joints are about to fail.  Before I would say this really stinks!  Now I look at it as what a blessing that was that the tire went flat when it did.

Another example here is that I know someone that went to the hospital because of stomach pain.  They did a checkup and x-rays on him to check him out.  Well wouldn’t you know it, the x-rays showed that a spot was on his lung.  The spot did turn out to be cancer!  So he was quickly treated for the cancer.  Now, he is clear of cancer. To this day he still doesn’t know what was wrong with his stomach. But his view is that thankfully he did have the stomach pain or the cancer would not have been found early and taken care of!

These are just a couple examples of how an issue can have a silver lining built inside of it. So, today I challenge you when an issue comes up, check and see if there is a silver lining inside. You will be glad you did!!!!