November 2018


It truly amazes me how much God/Source has going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I mean, how we decide to go somewhere for one particular purpose. Little do we know at that time that there will be another reason that turns out to be an even better one.

I recently was given another example of this exact thing. I was invited by my friend Brian to be part of a Spiritual Event he was hosting in Connecticut. I was to speak about my Near Death Experience, which is something I love to do. So, I was already quite pleased to be attending something like this. I was also happy that I would get to meet new people at the event, which I also love to do.

As everyone was showing up for the event, I got talking to a gentleman named Dave. We were each in another room of the art gallery where this event was to take place. We struck up a simple conversation about where I should place my coat. Then, we talked about some of the art as we admired it. At one point in our conversation I mentioned that I was to be one of the speakers this evening. It was then that Dave asked me if I was the Near Death Experience guy. I told him I was indeed.

I inquired how Dave knew there was going to be a speaker on Near Death Experience at this event. He said his good friend knows the art gallery owner, Abe. Abe invited her to this event my friend Brian was hosting that night. He told me that in turn his friend invited him. He explained that he was very interested in near death experiences so he came along.

We proceeded to chat a little more as we walking to get some food. While we did so, I mentioned my big hobby is metal detecting. He stopped us right then and there. He told me that he is really interested in the hobby and would like to get more involved in it. He told me that he has found a lot of old stuff by digging and by eyeballing things. I told him that I could help him with this hobby and we could even treasure hunt together. So we exchanged numbers in order to connect at a future time to go metal detecting.

By the way, the Event was great! All the talks went very well, including my own. I really enjoyed meeting all the new people this night. I even enjoyed looking at the art work and listening to the music.

As I was driving home I thought how amazing God/Source truly is! The way things just come together like they did this night. I mean, I go to this event to speak about my Near Death Experience and come away with a new friend who likes metal detecting for treasures just like me!!!!

All I can say is “There is always a reason for everything! Sometimes we don’t find out right away; but eventually we will. So, just remember God/Source is always working behind the scenes in our lives!”