September 2018


For most of my life, I never paid attention to meditation. It wasn’t until after I’d written my book about my accident that I even gave it a thought. I’d done a book event at “The Enchanted Café” in Red Hook, New York, which not only serves coffee and food, but has group events in the evening of the spiritual nature. I was invited by Joe, the owner, to attend one of the groups there called Intenders, which includes the Law of Attraction process and suggests you meditate.

Now, meditation has turned out to be difficult for me because I just haven’t been able to quiet my mind enough. However, this hasn’t stopped me from trying.

My son, Logan, doesn’t drive yet and he works at the local food market as a butcher. He walks over a mile to work every day and has to walk back home or I will pick him up. I must say, I’ve enjoyed going to pick him up because I usually get there 15 minutes early and sit in the parking lot, where I’ll listen to the radio, look on my phone at a variety of things, or read a book. I appreciate this time alone because it allows me to quiet my mind and body down. And recently, as I sat in my car, I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I was off in another place, and it was so pleasant and peaceful. I knew I wasn’t sleeping because I could hear sounds from the car and in the parking lot. I was meditating!

To think, I had trouble when I tried to meditate, yet this time, I was successful. This leads me to the moral of the story- “Don’t give up on trying to meditate. Because you just never know when or where it will happen for you. I believe we all could use meditative silence to quiet our minds and connect to the peace that exists within.”