April 2019

Memory Lane

As we journey through out our lives, we create memories. Some are good and some are bad. This being said, sometimes we are in a situation that will remind us of just this fact. Well not too long ago that happened to me. You see, I have been trying to get some videos made and have been looking for a videographer to film and edit the videos. It definitely has been a bit of a struggle getting this done. It is mostly based on how much I can afford, of course. I had a decent sized budget, but kept finding people two hours away from me. So, this would always add to the cost of the whole project naturally.

Well, as the way it always seems to work out, I was able to finally locate a videographer
whose name is Ben. Ben has a great resume that he provided me with. He is also from a small town just north of me called Elizaville. I actually used to live there, as well. Not only did I used to live there, but my two sons are buried in the cemetery behind the Methodist Church in that town. Overall, it seemed like it would be a great fit to hire Ben’s services.

We first met in a local coffee shop in my hometown of Pine Plains, New York. This ended up being a great meeting. It was decided for me to visit Ben’s house to see his office where he would do all the editing. We proceeded to make a day for that to happen and then went our separate ways. I was excited that it seemed I was finally going to be able to hire someone local to me for this project. Within a few days he sent me the quote for all the work that needed to be done. It seemed reasonable and definitely within my budget.

So, the day came for me to drive out to Ben’s house and see him. Like I said, I was happy to finally have someone to work with. What I forgot was the exact route that I would have to drive to get out there. I never thought how the trip would affect me. You see, I hadn’t driven past the cemetery where my two sons are buried, past one of my old homes and past the road which led to another of my homes out there in quite a long time now. I definitely did not realize how emotional this trip was going to be for me. Of course, I had been to the cemetery to see my sons on other occasions. However, I had never done this exact route passed, well My Past! On the one hand, I was excited to finally get this video project going. On the other hand, all these memories, both good and bad, were flowing through my mind. At some points I was smiling from a memory or two I recollected. Then, a little bit later some tears would come to my eyes as I reflected on those memories which were somehow not so good.

When I finally did arrive at Ben’s house he greeted me outside. As I was stepping into his home with him, this thought came to my mind: “Literally, I just took a trip down memory lane!”