March 2019


When I was 21 years old, I dated a woman named Kathy who was 19 years older then me. We were together for about four years. This woman had three children.  Two of the children were around my age. Timmy, the oldest boy, and I were good friends.  We did a lot of things together. I must say I cherished the friendship I had with him. Her daughter Kathy and I also got on very well. But it is not about the older two children that I write this about.

Like I said, there were three kids.  The youngest child’s name was Jon Paul. Now, the fact that I was 21 years old at that time meant that prior to this I had no parenting skills whatsoever!!  Of course, I had what I learned from my parents to possibly rely on. I hoped that I was doing a good job.  I said to myself, “All I can do is try to do the best job that I can and leave it at that.”  In any case, we all got along well and we all enjoyed our time together.

As I said before, Jon Paul’s mother and I eventually split up after being together for a four year period. I have to say that it was the kids that I missed having around in my life after the breakup!   Every now and then I would reflect on my time with the kids, especially Jon Paul, since he was the youngest and I acted most like a parent with him.  I always hoped that I had been a positive influence in his life!

Fast forward many years later to this present time.  Out of nowhere, I get a text from Jon Paul one day on my phone.  Along with the text comes a picture.  The picture was of Jon Paul and me riding an airplane together on a playground. With the picture came the text, “Time sure flies!  I’ll never forget all you did for me!”

As you can well imagine that text brought tears to my eyes!  There, staring me right in my face was the answer to my thoughts.  I had indeed been a positive influence in this child’s life.  My chest welled up with pride!!  I could not have been more surprised, or less proud!     

Just remember, if you wonder long enough, the universe will eventually give you an answer!  Do the best you can with everyone in your life, because how you treat them really does matter. That picture and text was such a blessing to me. I often think back on my time with Jon Paul and his siblings still.  Now, I have that picture that I can look at on my phone whenever I want.  Just remember there are blessings everywhere around us we just have to look for them!