June 2019


Since I was a youngster I have always been interested in treasures and all the stories that come with them. When I was nineteen years old I purchased my first metal detector and was hooked. I have detected for about thirty five years now and have many great memories and finds.

Of course, I didn’t just stick to metal detecting, I expanded to bottle hunting in dumps and digging up old outhouses. I really enjoy anything old, but bottles are some of my favorite things to find.

A few summers ago my son Logan, daughter Lauryn and I dug out an outhouse at my parent’s house. We got into the newest outhouse so there were no special bottles found.  Still, we did enjoy our time digging together.

Fast-forward to this summer.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to dig another outhouse at grandma and grandpa’s house. She responded she was up to the task and looking forward to it. Sadly, my son Logan had to work so it would be just the two of us this day. We went over the week before and probed the ground and got a good spot to dig.

Thankfully, the Saturday we decided to dig was nice out and not too hot. We set everything up and started to dig. We actually had a better system this time and we were making good progress. We dug and dug until we got down about four feet.  There we ran into a cement block. This was concerning since the cement block was from the early 1900’s and we were hoping we would be in an 1800’s outhouse. We did find glass chards and one modern quarter but nothing else until the cement block.

We took a break and decided that we were in an old dry well and not an outhouse like we originally thought. So we made the decision to cover the hole and call it a day. We were both very tired and did not have much to show for all this work. But, we both knew we were winners because we had great father and daughter time together!!

Actually, we both had a great laugh when we decided that we knew one thing for sure. And that is “We know where not to dig at Grandpa’s House!”