January 2019


We all go through life on varied paths. This is what makes it so special. But what I have learned in my 53 years of living is; it is the little things that count the most. We are reminded of this every day but often don’t take notice. It can be a simple hello we say to someone with a smile on our face as we pass them by on the street.

I must stop and be frank here.  This has truly become a lost art.  With everyone’s heads bowed down looking at their cell phones, we never make eye contact with others on the street.  Even just a wave from one person to another can be so powerful.  It can make the other person feel so good. Yet, how often do we do this?

 Some other examples are holding a door for someone or letting them cut in line at the supermarket. Helping someone at a gas station who is having trouble using their credit card at the pump. Making a little food to take to a neighbor who is sick. Getting up in a public place so an elderly or handicapped person could sit down. Writing a simple letter of gratitude to someone you know. Better yet, writing a note to someone you barely know but with whom you’ve had a great experience.     

These are just a few examples of the little things that could happen as we go about our day. So at some point in the day please stop and think about the little things you’ve encountered throughout day. You’ll find that when you do this it often puts a smile on your face which is always a blessing. You can even create ‘The Little Things’ journal to write down the special moments that happened throughout your day. And remember,  so often these little things pay big dividends by blessing all those who are involved in one way or another!!!!!!!!!!!!!