May 2019


Every summer since my wife and I separated my kids have come to visit me in New York. They have lived in New York, Maine and Ohio Now my daughter lives in Florida. My son Logan thankfully, graduated high school in Ohio and then came to live with me. I am so grateful that Logan and I have reconnected wonderfully since he moved in.

On the other hand, as I said, my daughter Lauryn lives in Florida with her mom.  I do so look forward to her annual visits each summer. Last summer she only was able to come for two weeks due to her job. But, thankfully this summer she has gotten a leave of absence from her job and she is here for seven weeks.

Recently when she was staying at her friend Alyssa’s house overnight here in New York, I got to thinking. I realized although it is sad to be so far apart most of the year, these visits are very special.  They make us both very happy. Plus, I thought of how lucky we both are that technology has come so far since the days of my youth.

Of course, everyone who grew up when I did knows we communicated by letter or by a phone call, back then in the ‘Stone Age’!  A phone call was only voices and no visuals at all. So the fact that my daughter and I can get on Facetime and see each other is the best thing ever.  Well, the best thing ever next to her actually being up here with me in New York.

This school year when she was getting ready for her prom she Facetimed me to show me how she looked.  I was so thrilled!  It was almost as if I was in the room with her.  That surely was a treat for me to feel as if I was there with her on her big night!

So, I’ve decided that if you have to be away from loved ones, now is the time for this to happen. New technology allows us to seem closer then we really are.  It helps make a not-so-great situation that much more bearable.  For this reason, I am a fan of technology!!!