August 2019


Not too long ago I had an article come out in a magazine called “Mysterious Ways.” The magazine is one of many that the magazine Guidepost owns. I was so honored that they would publish the short article about me. I was hoping the article would touch someone’s life. I mean, when it comes down to it, having at least one person like it and get help from it makes it all worthwhile.

To be honest the real blessing is when someone reads the article and reaches out to me. I really enjoy getting to know others like this. Two such individuals come to mind when I think about this. One particular woman told me that she had a similar experience which she never had the courage to write down, nor do something about it. I have encouraged her to do exactly this.  When she gets time she will write it down and send it to me. I am looking forward to the moment when I get that email.

The second woman’s name is Connie and she reached out via Facebook. The funny thing about that is she sent me a friend request on Facebook one day. And I normally don’t accept a friend request that has no connections to me or any of my other friends. Well, anyways I accepted her friend request.   She told me on messenger that she really liked the article and it has helped her with what she is dealing with. I responded back to her and we have been messenger friends since that day. One funny thing is both of us have son’s named Logan which we had a good laugh about.

These are just a couple examples of people reaching out to me.  When I get their messages it puts a smile on my face. Like I said, I am so blessed to receive these messages!!!!!!!!!